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 Dog Training

Here at VanityFur we offer a selection of training and behavior options.

* 4 weeks Training course £45

ideal for puppies from 12 weeks to 5 months & rescue dogs,

the course covers everything your pet will require to help them lead a happy life.

*121 Dog training & Behaviour £20 per hour

is your dog doing a behaviour that you dont want? barking, pulling on the lead, not coming back, toileting issues, aggression towards a family member or another dog???

Sarah Richards from Derby
" we attended one of Amys 6 week training courses with our collie x 6 month old, we were amazed that at the end of 6 weeks she could sit,heel,wait,lay down, do recall & look at us on command"
Jenny Travis
" we had Amy out on a 121 session because our Terrier Jack wouldnt come back when let off a lead, Amy spent an hour discussing ways to get jack to come back & even returned to us a week later to check on the progress with jack! "
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